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            How can I make my employee as a manager?

            Follow the steps mentioned below to make an employee as a manager.

            Changing Through Web App:
            1. Login to web app as an administrator - https://app.task.care
            2. Click Employee navigational menu.
            3. Select the employee which you want to change as manager.
            4. Click Edit button at the right top corner.
            5. Choose Manager option from the Role dropdown box
            6. Enter a valid email for the manager which is mandatory.
            7. Click Save & Close button to confirm the changes.

            Changing Through Mobile App:
            1. Open TaskCare mobile app.
            2. Click the hamburger button at the left top corner.
            3. Click Employees menu.
            4. Choose the employe you want to change as manager.
            5. Click the three dots at the right side top corner of the app and click profile.
            6. Click the pencil icon at the right top to edit the employee profile.
            7. Choose the Manager radio button.
            8. Click the Save button to confirm the changes.

            Updated: 18 Feb 2019 10:14 PM
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